Flask for Cell culture

Falcon T-75 flask. Capacity- 250 ml. 01 bag contains 05 Flask. Sterile ...more

96 well cell culture plate

Costar 96 well Round/ V bottom plate. Sterile. Capacity 250ul. ...more

5X DNA Loading Buffer

DNA Loading Buffer Blue (5x) is a convenient ready-to-use solution to prepare samples for DNA electrophoresis. DNA Loading Buffer Blue is premixed with bromophenol blue. ...more

iScript™ cDNA Synthesis Kit

The iScript cDNA synthesis kit is a sensitive and easy-to-use first-strand cDNA synthesis kit for gene expression analysis using real-time qPCR. This two-tube kit is optimized to yield sensitive, unbiased representation over a broad dynamic range, with mi ...more

Ambion TURBO DNA- Free kit

he TURBO DNA-free™ Kit contains reagents for the efficient, complete digestion of DNA along with the removal of the enzyme and divalent cations post-digestion. Available for 50 reactions. ...more

Bioline- BIOTAQ™ DNA Polymerase

BIOTAQ is a highly purified, thermostable DNA polymerase offering high yield over a wide range of PCR templates and a good choice for routine PCR assays. Catalogue no: BIO- 21040 ...more